Taylor + Mitchell | Proposal

Hannah DiStasio | 8.4.16

Get your tissues ready folks! The love is So real between this couple. Mitchell proposed and Taylor said yes! They both just radiated with so much emotion and adoration for one another. It was such a beautiful thing to get to witness. 

Mitchell surprised Taylor with this enchanting backyard set up, by telling her that they were having dinner with the owners of the home. Upon entering the house, a favorite song was playing, no one was home and photos of the couple were blown up on the TV. Despite these cues, Taylor was still oblivious to what was about to happen. She said it wasn't until she hugged him and felt his heart racing that she began to notice something was up. Mitchell then led her out the back patio doors, down a trail of candles and to the intimate set up he had waiting for her. At this point she was fully aware of what was happening and her joy and excitememt lit up her whole face. 

Mitchell guided her to the bench (that he made) and knelt down in front of her. He then read some verses from the Bible to her before reaching behind the picture frame to pull out the ring. As he asked Taylor to be his wife, tears filled not only her eyes and his eyes, but mine as well. It was so beautiful and so touching. It was so very obvious how much they both love one another and most of all how much they love the Lord. I feel so honored to of gotten to witness and capture this wonderful moment! Congrats you guys!!