My Favorite Baby Things

Okay, so this post is a long time comin!

I’ve gotten asked so much to do a post on my favorite baby things, so here it is! At the end, I included a few things I didn’t personally get, but wish I had/ have heard great things.

This post is not sponsored by any of these brands in anyway. These are all products I genuinely love. I hope this is helpful for you guys! (Also, these are in no particular order).

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L’oved Baby Footsies

I love these so much because the footsies have mittens on them. We found it really difficult to find any footsies that had built in hand-covers past the newborn size. Shep would only sleep in these because he would scratch his face a bunch if he didn’t have the hand covers. They are also so soft and so cute on!


Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath

This tub is amazing! It works great, dries so fast, is easily stored and SO EASY to bring along for a weekend away or any trip.

como tomo.jpg

Como Tomo Bottles

These bottles are so great. They are anti-cholic, easy for baby to hold once he/she is a little older, and have a “natural” design to make it easier to alternate between breastfeeding and bottlefeeding. We love these so much!

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Skip hop activity center

Not only is this activity center pleasing to the eye, and definitely one of the more “minimalistic” ones out there, it also entertained shepherd for hours! This thing has been a huge help for me while working from home and watching the little babe. Shepherd loved this so much and I miss the days when he was content to play in it for hours on end. Now we use it to feed him his cheerios on in the morning haha.

eco piggy.jpg

EcoPiggy pacifiers

I love these pacifiers, because they are organic, its wide and mimics breastfeeding which helps to soothe the baby, isn’t made with any harsh chemicals, its sturdy, and it looks cute! Use code “hannahruth” to get 10% off.

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Pacifier clips

We got some from madeline’s box, and these were our favorite- but you can get them anywhere. It has helped us to keep track of pacifiers, especially when Shep tries to throw them.

Burts bees baby.jpg

Burt's Bees Baby Burp Cloths

These were our favorite burp cloths because they are super soft, so when rubbing spit up or whatever else off baby’s face, you don’t feel like your hurting him/ her. They are also super cute and come in big packs!


Snuggle Me Organic

This thing was a LIFE SAVER! My only regret is that we didn’t put it on our registry/ get one sooner. I just didn’t see the need, but man, there were so many times we wanted to let Shep take a nap with us/ nap or lay in another room besides his own and didn’t have anything to let him lay in/ to contain him. There are other similar options to this like the DockATot. But I just liked how soft the Snuggle Me was and the minimalistic aesthetic of it.

max + moose.jpg

Max + Moose Blankets

Gosh, I wish these blankets came in adult sizes! They are so soft and also so cute. They are made out of a super soft, stretchy T-shirt- like material. We have several and hardly used any other blankets to swaddle Shepherd in. I know that swaddling has more recently become less of a thing, which is why these baby blankets are a great option rather than the traditional muslin swaddle blankets- because they can function as more than just a swaddle. We always kept one in the car/ stroller for when it got a little chilly. I can’t say enough great things about these blankets!

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 1.07.58 PM.png
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Sleep Sacks

And on the note, of not swaddling- doctors have started reccomending sleep sacks for newborns as well. We used the Halo brand, which is allows you to still swaddle/ wrap the baby’s arms in. We used these until Shep could roll over and then switched to the Carter brand (because they were the most affordable and came in a 2 pack) as well as Burt’s Bees Baby (because they are so roomy and soft) without the arm swaddle part.

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Boppy Nursing Pillow

Hands free breastfeeding? Need I say more? But really, this is a super affordable nursing pillow and I used it SO much! Definitely gotta get one.

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YI Home monitor

Okay so we didn’t think we needed to get a super nice baby monitor, because hey, they all do the same thing right? Well we got a medium-grade one and it broke 8 months in… so maybe invest in a good one so ya don’t have to spend extra money later on. This is the one we just got. It’s super affordable and connects to your phone. I miss having a monitor that I don’t have to be using my phone to see Shep, but I also didn’t want to spend over $100… so this is a really great option if you want to have access to seeing baby wherever you are from your phone! It has really great reviews, we’ve loved it so far and it’s definitely more affordable than other similar options.

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Moses Basket + Stand

So who knew bassinets could be so dang expensive (especially ones that aren’t totally hideous)? Not me!! I love the Moses basket (especially this specific brand) Because it was actually one of the more affordable options, it fit into the aesthetic of out home, and we could easily carry it from room to room. And now we use it to store all of Shep’s stuffed animals in- so still getting some use out of it!


Yay for Baby Wearing!

I didn’t feel like making three separate sections for the three baby wearing options I’d recommend, so here they are all: A ring sling, a wrap, and something more sturdy like the Ergo.


I have a WildBird sling and I’m super obsessed. It had been highly reccomended to me- but initally I just couldnt get past the price and didn’t think it’d be worth it- but boy was I wrong! It is so great guys.


I also loved my Chekoh baby wrap- gosh it was literally the most comfy thing ever. I used this one mainly when Shepherd was super super little- like newborn- 5 months. Once he got a little heavier it became a little harder for me to use, which is when I started using the ring sling a lot more.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 1.21.39 PM.png

Don’t forget about dad! Chase would use our Ergo when he wanted to wear Shepherd and we also used it for traveling/ in airports, since its a lot more secure and better on your back if your walking a ton with baby/ wearing him/her for long periods of time.


Now for things I wish I had gotten/ invested in!

A convertible/ double stroller

I didn’t think a stroller was a big deal, but was pretty wrong about that. You’re gonna use it all the time- so get one that is durable, light-weight, high-quality AND if you may want to try and have more kiddos in the next several years, maybe one that is convertible to a double!

Here are three options I found. They are all pretty pricey, but I haven’t been able to find any that grow with your family and have multiple connect options for much less. So if any of you know of more affordable options, please let me know!

Uppa Baby Vista

Nuna Demi Grow

Baby jogger City Select

Fisher Price Rock n Play

We would’ve used this SO MUCH when shep was a newborn and until he stopped sleeping so much. Some friends of ours had it and everytime we went over, and put Shep in it, he would fall right asleep and calm down if he was being fussy. It’s compactable and easy to store.

A Swing

We had a swing that was a hand-me-down, which was so great, but because it was a little old, it broke down before we were done using it. And man, Shepherd LOVED that thing! I know there are so many great options out there, but this is probably the one we’d get if we have another baby.

that’s all for now:)