Hailee + Josh | Proposal


Okay, so this has got to be the coolest and most creative proposal ever. I mean a graffiti park? C'mon, it's the coolest.

Josh had Hailee believing they were in Austin for a church meeting (which he did actually set up to try and throw her off haha) when really he was planning to pop the big question! He also had their closest friends and family fly out to be there! As he led her through the walls covered in graffiti, they came up to an area that had stencils taped to the wall with designated spray paint cans below. Hailee quickly realized what was going on and her face was priceless! Josh then preceded to play pictionary (spray paint edition)with her-making her guess what the paintings were. Each one represented a mile marker in their relationship, ending with a stencil of a big 'ol ring!! 

As soon as Hailee said YES (faster than I've ever heard) she looked up to see her close friends and family cheering for them from above the ledge! It was truly such a fun and beautiful day! 

hails 1.jpg
hails 2.jpg
hails 7.jpg