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So why should you invest in wedding photos? Good question. At the end of the day, the flowers will wilt, the food will be gone, and the band will play its last song. Your photos, however, will last you a lifetime. I remember growing up, every time my sisters and I would stay with my grandma we'd go rummaging around in her old trunks. Every time, no matter how many times we'd seen them, we'd get out all of her old photos. We LOVED looking through them all. We'd ask "and who was that" a million times and say things like "I can't believe you wore your hair like that!" And my grandma would just sit amongst us smiling and answering all of our questions.

You want photos that 50 years from now, you'll pull out and scatter all over the floor so that your grandkids can look at them. You'll be able to look at a photo of their grandpa rubbing cake in your face and laugh and tell them all about it. You'll show them photos of their great- great grandma breaking it down on the dance floor. You'll get to put faces to names and relive your love story as you tell them how it all began. 



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sessions starting at $600

elopements starting at $1,600

weddings starting at $3,000



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