Hey, I'm Hannah!


A little bit about me...

My heart and soul are captivated by the the love of Christ. Apart from Him, I am nothing. My life has turned out completely different than I would of ever planned for myself and I am so insanely thankful for that. I get to wake up every morning in my cozy little apartment with my best friend, who also happens to be my husband, and my sweet, smiley and squishy little baby boy.

I am addicted to Taco Bell, candles from Anthropologie, and that feeling when you think your skin might be burning in the sun but you're pretty sure it's just getting tan. Old movies make me feel utterly sentimental, while also making me wonder whatever happened to good ol fashioned humor. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to cuddle up on the couch with my little fam and binge watch This is Us or the Office with a huge bowl of popcorn. I suck at telling funny stories (well, any stories for that matter) and am that weird person who brings their own flavored salt to the movie theatre and who mourns the ending of a good book way longer than anyone ever should. 

Photography is my passion. It brings me so much joy and I'm still in awe that this dream of mine is coming true. Capturing real people in real moments with real emotions makes my heart beat fast and I love being able to give such a timeless gift to the clients I shoot. 


I want to be more than just a photographer. I want to tell a story, your story. I want to give you your memories in their most authentic form, and that is what I strive to do with each client. I'm also a hopeless romantic and can't ever seem to keep it together during vow exchanges, proposals and toasts. I promise not to ugly cry at your wedding, but don't be surprised if you look over and see tears streaming down my face because I am just so dang moved by these intimate moments that I get to witness. I also like to get down on the dance floor, and I can't promise ya that my awkward dance moves won't make an appearance in between shots (I once had a man ask if I wanted him to hold my camera while I go dance haha). 

If you want a photographer who's cares more about capturing those candid and unexpected moments than the traditional ones, who wants to not only be your photographer, but also your friend and who is sure to help get your dance party started, then I'm your girl! And if you're a couple who cares more about the marriage than the wedding and embracing all the moments of your day, even the unplanned ones, more than making sure all of the pretty details are perfect, then I think we'd be a perfect fit! Shoot me a message and lets chat:)